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Satellite data predicts drought in pockets of India

New Delhi, India: A recent satellite survey by the National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC) predicted drought like situation in many Indian states. National Agricultural Drought Assessment and Monitoring System (NADAMS) provided near real-time information of drought situation of 13 Indian states.

The report by NRSC stated, “Satellite data and ground data reveals that crop sowing activity has not commenced in many parts of the country upto June 30 as a result of widespread meteorological drought over large proportion of agricultural area. Out of 13 states covered in this analysis, normal agricultural situation has been observed in 103 districts. The agricultural situation has been categorised as ‘Watch’ in 210 districts and as ‘Alert’ in 94 districts.”

The report also stated, “There is no scope for significant increase in crop sown area, more specifically in the districts of ‘Normal’ and ‘Watch’ classes, in July month which is very critical for the national agricultural production of the kharif season. Thus, progression of rainfall and crop sown area in subsequent fortnights need to be observed.”


“Out of 108 M ha of kharif area, only 34 M ha has been found to be favourable for sowing in comparison to 49 M ha in 2011.Most of the agricultural area unfavourable for sowing is located in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bihar and Jharkhand,” observed the report.


Source: NRSC