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Satellite control system in Argentina’s province

Argentine Tierra del Fuego provincial government announced recently the launching of a new satellite monitoring programme to facilitate enhanced control of illegal fishing activities as well as logistic support to the Argentine Coast Guard rescue operations.

The announcement was made by provincial minister of Production and Natural Resources, Marcelo Morandi and the director of the Computer Department from INIDEP Juan Buono who provided details on the implementation and operation of the system.

The new system consists of a software package developed by the INIDEP Computer Center based on a GIS associated with satellite information, which allows for real-time voyage monitoring on each licenced vessel. Monitoring is carried out by means of a sensor on board each vessel connected to a GPS, which transmits the vessel position to a satellite at one-hour intervals.

Besides having the necessary equipment, owners of authorised vessels must hire a satellite communications service which will retransmit the data to the SSPys Control Center and to websites belonging to registered vendors. Information includes equipment identification, license number and the vessel’s name, date and time of registration, position and where it is destined expressed in degrees, minutes and hundredths of a minute.

Mr. Morandi added that Tierra del Fuego has requested Buenos Aires federal authorities to “toughen sanctions” for breach of sustainable exploitation of fisheries resources.