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Satellite based service provider uses GPS technology for tracking vehicle movement

PlanetLink Communications Inc., a provider of satellite-based products and services announced that it has engaged San Antonio, Texas-based Karta Technologies Inc. under an existing consulting agreement to immediately begin work on the design phase of its PlaneTrak GPS technology product line. The PlaneTrak device uses GPS technology to track the movement and location of automobiles and people via a secure, password-protected web site. Karta Technologies, will begin evaluation of potential open-architecture software solutions to perform the tracking functions of the system. Karta will also evaluate the price, performance and availability of existing GSM/GPRS-compatible vehicle units and the feasibility of developing a proprietary tracking element based on the ease of interfacing with a compatible unit. PlanetLink expects to have a proposal by late August for completion of the project. PlanetLink expects launch of its PlaneTrak GPS product-line in early 2004.

PlanetLink’s PlaneTrak GPS-related products will include:

  • Kidangel: A personal tracking system to help parents locate a child within minutes
  • Parentrak: Designed to permit users to track the location of aging adults/parents
  • Autotrak: Will enable parents and others to know the speed at which their children are driving and the location of their vehicle. This product can also be used to track the location of commercial fleet vehicles used by transportation and delivery companies and a variety of other businesses
  • Guardian: Designed as a security device for business executives and others
  • Protector: This location device is designed to deliver a panic signal, identify the location, and includes a 2-way audio signal that can be remotely monitored.