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Satellite-based control for fire-fighting

Russia: Possibilities of satellite-based control of fire situation in Russian forests are expanded. Forest fire safety monitoring on the entire territory of the country has been conducted by the specialists of the Fire Safety Monitoring Center operating at the Central Base of the Avialesokhrana (Aerial Forest Fire Center), Pushkino, Moscow Region. The main data sources for this centre are the ones received from the Information System of Remote Monitoring of the Federal Forestry Agency (ISDM-Rosleskhoz), operating based on the satellite imagery data.

Space data application extension became possible due to the introduction of the UniScan-24 hardware-software complex for remote sensing data reception, processing and archiving in the town of Pushkino at the ISDM-Roslexkhoz premises. In early April, the UniScan complex developers – specialists of ScanEx RDC – completed the installation and tuning of the receiving station on the territory of the FSUE Avialesokhrana.

Nowadays the UniScan complex installed at the Avialesokhrana enables to handle Terra (USA) and SPOT 4 (France) satellites data in direct reception mode. MODIS spectral radiometer onboard Terra satellite has 36 spectral bands in visible, near, middle and thermal IR bands and enables to do imaging with the spatial resolution of 250, 500 and 1000 meter within a swath of 2300 km wide. In its turn the optical sensors installed on SPOT 4 satellite, ensures delivering images of the Earth in four spectral channels of the visible and NIR bands at a spatial resolution of 10 m in PAN and 20 m in multispectral mode and within the swath width of 60-120 km.

Combined data from Terra and SPOT 4 satellites enable to regularly view large territories and to get detailed information about the condition and acreage of burnt areas, logging sites and forest tree species, etc. – explains Roman Kotelnikov, Avialesokhrana Fire Safety Monitoring Center Head. In the nearest future there are plans to use Russian satellite-based systems, in particular Meteor-3M.

Source: ScanEx