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Satellite aid to land use survey in Mumbai

Mumbai, India: For the first time, civic administration in Mumbai, India, is considering to use satellite imagery and aerial photography for land survey which will be incorporated in the city’s new development plan. The survey, which is being done after 14 years, will help identify not only the residential, commercial and industrial users and mixed usership of land, but also help accurately find out the number of open spaces, slum encroachments and various types of reservations on land.

According to R Kuknur, Chief Engineer of the development plan, the survey will be carried out by officials from the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) and the private firm which has been given the contract to formulate the plan. “We will also take the help of all the public agencies, such as the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA), in conducting the survey,” he said.

The DP defines land use patterns in the city and sets Forest Survey of India (FSI) norms for various areas. It details terms for schools, colleges and open spaces for a given population. The last such plan was formulated in 1991.

According the previous plan prepared in 1991, the overall reserved area (for residential, commercial etc) amounts to 24.74 per cent of the gross Mumbai area of 453.06 sq km and the area under open space reservation is 10.98 per cent, excluding the No Development Zone (NDZ).

The current plan is being revised for 2014-34. The draft of the revised plan for this period was to be ready by June 2011, but will now be delayed due to administrative reasons and is expected to be ready by December 2013.

Source: Indian Express