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Satamatics launches Ocean Alert Map Viewer Product

Satamatics, a US based company has launched its MapView product, a web-based mapping utility designed to further expand the capability of their market leading Ship Security Alert System “Ocean Alert.”

The MapView option allows the ship owners to view the location and GPS position history of all their equipped vessels via the Ocean Alert website, as well as receiving position, speed and course data in a tabular format. The MapView option will assist the ship owner by immediately locating any vessel in alert status and passing this information directly to the appropriate Flag State.

The new MapView facility also enables ship owners to use their Ocean Alert SSAS equipment as a highly cost effective Vessel Monitoring System (VMS). This solution provides a secure long-range vessel tracking system to track and trace vessels worldwide. Shipping operators are able to view their entire fleet via the web on a world map and zoom into a single vessel’s precise location.