Saskatchewan Ministry wins ESRI’s Award of Excellence

Saskatchewan Ministry wins ESRI’s Award of Excellence


Regina, Canada: ESRI Canada has presented an Award of Excellence to the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture’s Geomatics Services Group, Canada, for improving access to the province’s agricultural spatial data using ESRI’s ArcIMS technology.

In 2008, the Ministry launched the Agricultural Crown Land Map Viewer, an online mapping application that allows public to search and view information and imagery of government-owned agricultural land. This has enabled the Ministry to support better decision making among internal and external stakeholders and promote sustainable development. The award, which recognises outstanding achievements in the application of GIS, was presented at the 2010 ESRI Canada User Conference in Regina.

“The Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture serves as a good example of how governments can use GIS on the Web to cost-effectively disseminate important information to other government agencies and to the public,” said Alex Miller, President, ESRI Canada. “Through their online map viewer, government and industry decision makers are able to obtain up-to-date, accurate information they need in an easily accessible format. This allows them to effectively formulate policy and design sustainable practices to further develop the province’s thriving agricultural community.”

The Geomatics Services Group provides GIS services within the Ministry of Agriculture to analyse land-related information from an agricultural perspective. During the growing season, they generate numerous public maps based on data from over 230 crop report volunteers who report on soil and crop conditions, precipitation and frost, winter feed supply, and livestock water availability. The group has used ESRI technology for over a decade to manage geographic information on more than seven million acres of agricultural Crown land and over 80,000 land parcels in the province.

Source: Esri Canada