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SAS and ESRI to Link Software

SAS and ESRI have announced the release of the SAS Bridge for ESRI this month to enable more rapid information flow between ESRI’s ArcGIS technology and SAS solutions. By eliminating the need for rewriting customized programs when source data changes, the bridge will save users valuable time when they need to join SAS data with spatial data from the ArcGIS environment. This solution has many user applications for business and public sector organizations including the U.S. Census Bureau.
SAS Bridge for ESRI 1.0 establishes a communication link between the two software systems, extending capabilities and increasing the effectiveness of analytical inquiries by linking spatial, numeric, and textual data through a single graphical user interface (GUI). The bridge allows the read and writes exchange of data between SAS and ArcGIS and exposes SAS metadata or information about all the organizational data within the ArcGIS environment. It can also be enabled to run SAS programs in the ESRI environment.

“Linking the visualization and spatial analysis capabilities of ArcGIS with SAS’ strong analytic and business intelligence will enable more informed business and location-based decisions,” said Fiona McNeill, SAS global technology strategist. “For instance, site planners can incorporate their consumer and competitive data with spatial data to identify the most profitable location for a new site.”