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SAS and ESRI put Business Intelligence on the map

At the 30th Annual SAS Users Group International (SUGI 30) Conference in Philadelphia, SAS unveiled integrated business intelligence applications that will allow organizations to visualize and analyze data relationships in new ways by considering both location and traditional business information (BI) dimensions together.

The combination of SAS and ESRI will enable organizations to apply the technology to solve high-value business problems that inherently consider the impact of spatial relationships as part of the intelligence creation process. Organizations will be hard- pressed to find alternate solutions that provide the power and flexibility that SAS and ESRI provide.

Both ESRI and SAS have designed their latest software releases to integrate BI and GIS functionality into a Web-based, zero-download application running in a browser. This new application allows users to explore and visualize complex data relationships in the context of location. Users will access the new functionality through the SAS Web OLAP Viewer, one of the analysis and reporting interfaces to SAS Enterprise BI Server and now ESRI’s ArcGIS Server.

Users will have access to SAS data analysis and reporting functions as well as ESRI location analysis and display functions and data. This integration of the SAS and ESRI platforms allows companies to analyze and display traditional business data and location-based data to multiple departments across the enterprise from a single, integrated platform. BI and GIS functions will also be available to developers for creating focused, custom marketing, sales, logistics, real estate, and other applications that blend seamlessly into their existing desktop, browser, dashboard, or portal environments.