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Sarantel GPS antenna selected by Comrod for Maritime Identification System

Sarantel has won a contract to supply its GPS antenna to Norwegian antenna systems developer Comrod, as part of Comrod’s new combined VHF and GPS antenna intended to meet the new UAIS (universal automatic identification system) regulations for maritime applications. UAIS is a growing part of international SOLAS (safety of life at sea) conventions, which now require automatic identification of vessels of certain size to other vessels and transmission of identification and status information to land-based VTS (vessel traffic services) receivers.

The Sarantel GeoHelix antenna was chosen for its ability to receive GPS signals in the presence of strong electromagnetic interference, and when the GPS antenna is in continuous motion. The design win was achieved by Acal Norway, which was appointed by Sarantel to support Norwegian developers.

Sarantel’s GeoHelix antenna is particularly immune to local radio frequency interference allowing it to be mounted along side other antennas or sources of RFI. Furthermore, it is less sensitive to its operating angle with respect to the horizon, and can provide good GPS fixes when pitching or in constant motion. These attributes allow it to be integrated within Comrod’s VHF antennas in its new UAIS products.

Comrod, founded in 1948, develops and manufactures military and marine antennas and antenna systems. On the other hand, UK-based Sarantel specialises in miniature antennas that enable portable and mobile wireless devices, including GPS and Wi-Fi, as well as GSM, PCN and PCS mobile telephones.