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SAP awards certification to GISnet Solutions Finland

GISnet is the company to achieve certification on SAP Web Application Server, which is a core of SAP products, like SAP NetWeaverTM and mySAP Enterprise Portal, worldwide. GISnet Solutions Finland Oy works closely on SAP development projects to provide GIS functionality, especially in the field of supply chain management by enhancing business processes through spatial analysis and visualization. The certification between SAP and GISnet gives way to a new generation of GIS enhanced supply chain management that assumes an open, networked business cluster rather then individual, restricted, internal processes.

With GISnet’s GISnet Spatial Framework (GNSF) it is possible for companies to manage business critical SAP and GIS-related information in one system and through a common interface. Moreover, with the common SAP-GIS platform customers, suppliers and partners can be connected to be one part of the organization’s information system.With GIS functionality user can analyse, visualize, and control crucial and complex business data, also including positioning (addresses, GSM and GPS) and routing features. Higher transparency and accuracy of business critical information will allow better corporate planning, strategic decision-making, as well as performing daily operations.