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Sao Paulo offers 4.6 gigabytes of geographic information

The Secretariat of Urban Development has just launched the Open Data page with 4.6 gigabytes of information on the city of São Paulo. In the collection, there are maps and statistics. The idea is that students, researchers, companies, among others, can query the data. One of features of the page is the digital map of the city, composed of altimetric cartographic databases (as contour line) and planimetric (hydrography, buildings, blocks, lots and road system). One of the maps also has the perimeters of urban landmarks such as airports, museums, universities, hospitals, markets, stadiums and clubs.

According to the director of the Department of Production and Analysis of Information (Deinfo), Tomás Cortez Wissenbach, the data have been systematized since March. This is a complex process, as the municipality operates several different systems – some of them since the 70s. “Spreading the data is a way that the municipality has to call the society and thinking together the whole city”, he says. “You can not do that without providing the basis for the population.”

Check the webpage here.

Source: O Estado de S. Paulo