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SANZ introduces EarthWhere Version 4.0

SANZ Geospatial Solutions Group, a provider of spatial data provisioning solutions, has announced recently the latest release of their spatial data provisioning software, EarthWhere version 4.0. Building on the successes of past versions, EarthWhere 4.0 combines a new, scalable service bus architecture and interoperable Web Mapping Services (WMS) with a flexible and open Web-based user interface. EarthWhere 4.0 allows end-users to interact with their geospatial data using a variety of Web-based and desktop tools with the simple three-step process to search, define and generate a product using their imagery archives.

EarthWhere 4.0 is enterprise-ready with the development of the service bus architecture that provides two advantages: it allows end-users to scale the application — supporting more simultaneous provisioning and provides a framework for easily adding new data formats and higher-value product creation tools. As part of the enterprise strategy, EarthWhere 4.0 supports the OGC WMS standard for interoperability, which allows customers to easily integrate EarthWhere with their existing business applications.