Santa Rosa County, FL implements NovaLI? Land Development Office solution

Santa Rosa County, FL implements NovaLI? Land Development Office solution


Santa Rosa County, Florida is implementing NovaLIS Technologies’ land development and permitting solution. Business partner 3001 Inc., based in Gainesville, FL will deliver NovaLIS’ Land Development Office solution to the county.

Land Development Office (LDO) is designed to automate, simplify, and track local government processing practices such as licensing, permitting, and project tracking by enabling the user to maintain and analyze infrastructure and planning policy.

The LDO implementation will be shaped to fit Santa Rosa County’s unique needs. Within the county, LDO will integrate activities of several departments, including permitting; building inspections; complaints; life safety and fire; code enforcement; engineering; planning and zoning; and IT/MIS/Computer Department.

LDO will provide the tools necessary for these departments to search and display land records in a NovaLIS viewer and spatially on a map. The county will be able to retrieve the history or status of development orders, conditional uses, special exceptions, variances, re-zonings, code violations, driveway permits, subdivision related databases, and building permits

This is the latest in Geographic Information Services 3001 has provided to Santa Rosa County in the last two years. In 2001, 3001 developed an enterprise geographic information system for Santa Rosa, including planning and consultation, digital orthophotography, and parcel data conversion from InfoCad to ArcInfo, including an interface to NovaLIS Parcel Editor.