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Sanborn wins multiple mapping projects in the Midwest

Pankaj Desai, chief executive officer of Sanborn, a geographic information system (GIS) and photogrammetry company, has announced that the company has been awarded several mapping projects in the Midwest.

Sanborn will assist the GIS efforts of Lorain County, Ohio; Jefferson City and Cole County, Missouri; and Davenport, Iowa. Awarded earlier this year, the projects will be completed by 2003.

In Lorain County, Ohio, Sanborn will update colour digital orthophotos and 2-foot contours countywide. The information will be made part of the county assessor’s GIS.

In Jefferson City, Missouri, Sanborn will fly new colour aerial photography-the company flew the same area five years ago-and generate updated 100-scale planimetric data and 2-foot contour maps and provide new colour digital orthophotos for the city. In Cole County, Sanborn will provide new colour aerial photography and updated colour digital orthophotos countywide. Jefferson City will use the information to aid in its city planning efforts; Cole County will use the information for tax assessment purposes.

In 2001, Sanborn completed a citywide update project for Davenport, Iowa. As part of that project new 1″=100’scale black and white digital orthophotos were produced. At the successful completion of the project, Davenport authorized Sanborn to continue updating the 100-scale planimetric data and 2-foot contour maps. The updated maps will become part of the city’s GIS.