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Sanborn wins mapping project in Illinois

Pankaj Desai, the CEO of Sanborn, a geographic information system (GIS) and photogrammetry industry has announced that the company has won a contract with the city of Staunton, Illinois, to develop mapping for the city’s planned GIS.

Under terms of the agreement, Sanborn will generate 1″=100′-scale 0.5-foot ground resolution black-and-white digital orthophotos for the entire city, which covers six square kilometers. Located 53 miles from the state capital of Springfield, Staunton will use the digital orthophotos as the initial data layer for its new GIS. Follow on mapping activities may include digitizing of limited planimetric features and the generation of 2-foot contours.

A relatively small community—1990 US Census statistics list Staunton’s population at 4,806 people—Staunton is developing a cost-effective GIS under the direction of Mike Weaver, president of Geo-Works, a GIS consulting firm based in Edwardsville, Illinois. According to Mr. Weaver, in the past, GIS developments have been perceived to be limited to large communities with big budgets. Mr. Weaver’s goal is to establish an economical development path for small communities to have a GIS, effectively paving the way for Staunton and other Southern Illinois cities of similar size to be able to use GIS technology.