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Sanborn unveils Geobook Author

Colorado Springs, USA, December 12, 2006 – Sanborn has announced a new solution to simplify access to and distribution of geographic data with the Sanborn GEOBOOK Author software product.

The GEOBOOK Author framework provides a solution that makes it easy to publish and distribute geospatial data. Based on Sanborn’s GEOBOOK application, the Author software provides the capability to quickly build GEOBOOKs by embedding interactive maps, text documents, images, and other data visualization controls.

The GEOBOOK Author combines GIS data with imagery and documentation to provide dynamic output for multiple disciplines to use and understand. “Because there are no licensing fees for published GEOBOOKs, the Author is an ideal medium for distributing reports and plans to other agencies, departments, customers or the public,” commented Jim Schriever, vice president, Sanborn solutions.

“GEOBOOK Author makes sharing GIS data possible without employing complex, costly third-party GIS licensing or applications. Anyone can use a published GEOBOOK with no GIS training required.”

The GEOBOOK Author is a straightforward, customizable, mapping and documentation software product that allows a variety of users to easily insert visualization tools and decision support capabilities into everyday mapping applications. Its framework provides a flexible, cost-effective solution that allows any user to easily create, publish, and distribute geospatial data.

It is as simple as reading a book. Organized logically into chapters, the GEOBOOK Author application appears as a digital book allowing users to quickly access descriptive information, and interact with mapping data using embedded GIS tools. This software provides a comfortable, basic method for deploying spatial data and tools in a user-friendly environment.

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