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Sanborn to provide land cover change mapping

Sanborn CEO John Copple recently announced the company has been contracted to provide digital land cover change mapping for the great lakes area of Pennsylvania and New York for NOAA’s Coastal Services Center (CSC) in US. CSC primarily serves state coastal resource managers. In developing products and services for the coastal management community, CSC collaborates with its state constituents and private industry to address issues such as hazard mitigation, coastal development, habitat restoration, environmental monitoring, water quality, and more.

Sanborn will process satellite imagery to produce a detailed classification comprising land cover categories including urban areas, agriculture, forested areas and a variety of wetland and aquatic vegetation. The project is being undertaken as part of the NOAA Coastal Change Analysis Program (C-CAP), a nationally standardized database of land cover and change information, developed using remotely sensed imagery, for the coastal regions of the United States.

An immediate objective of C-CAP is to complete a national baseline of coastal land cover and change data. Once complete, additional dates of imagery will be acquired and processed to monitor coastal changes through time. This trend information will provide valuable feedback to resource managers on the impact of management policies and programs and the earth’s response to natural and human-induced changes. The data derived from this project will also be provided to the United States Geological Survey for incorporation into the National Land Cover Dataset.