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Sanborn merges GIS technology and historical maps to create city centers product

Sanborn Vice President David Brostuen announced that the company of GIS and photogrammetry industry has launched a new product consisting of highly accurate digital data of central business districts and select commercial areas in the United States. The product line, called CityCenters, is a series of off-the-shelf digital datasets covering the core downtown areas of 27 major cities. These datasets include: Geographic information that meets 1″=100′ National Map Accuracy Standards, including building footprints with building-specific attributes such as addresses, street centerlines and names, select geographic features and landmarks, and links to site-specific photographs Digital, seamless, full-resolution Sanborn fire insurance maps, providing a rich variety of building-level data such as construction class and occupancy type Seamless, color-balanced, digital orthophoto imagery at one-half-foot pixel resolution. Building height information—ideal for evaluating a city in three dimensions. For greater functionality, the three-dimensional data sets will be bundled with InterSCOPE Express from ITspatial to enable interactive 3-D visualization and query. This software provides interactive real-time 2-D and 3-D displays, which link multiple types of data with a single, stand-alone viewer. The CityCenters product has numerous applications and can be used to improve homeland security, 9-1-1 emergency response times, urban planning, commercial real estate intelligence, and more. With a rich tradition of mapping dating back to 1866, Sanborn offers a full suite of GIS and photogrammetric mapping services to federal, state, and local governments, as well as private companies. The company’s core services include data acquisition, photogrammetric mapping, and data conversion. The company has offices in the United States and abroad.

ITspatial LLC is a technology company providing a platform that links multiple information systems within an interactive mapping environment. Systems integrators and application developers choose InterSCOPE for advanced data visualization and interactive 3-D mapping functionality generating on-demand situational awareness. ITspatial supports the InterSCOPE platform with a robust set of professional services to include systems integration, 3-D intelligent map production, custom application development, and GIS and IT consulting services. ITspatial technology is deployed and operational in both government and commercial installations. ITspatial provides solutions in vertical markets including homeland security, emergency operations, defense and intelligence, transportation, and urban planning and economic development.