Sanborn Map updates its geospatial product line

Sanborn Map updates its geospatial product line


US: The Sanborn Map Company has announced a key upgrade to its 3D geospatial product line with updated coverage of the Dallas, New York, Phoenix and San Francisco metropolitan areas. Sanborn's collection of 3D visualisation digital data now covers the core downtown areas of nearly 70 major US and international cities.

Sanborn previously has completed large-scale production of 3D datasets for major metropolitan areas such as Dubai, New Delhi and New York for proprietary customers. The company's wide range of custom 3D products offer a host of advantages for emergency response professionals, architects, engineers, real estate developers, urban planners, transportation managers, utility providers and more.

Sanborn creates its 3D geospatial products by collecting high-resolution aerial imagery to construct building footprints, 3D building models, street centrelines and orthoimagery. The colour-balanced imagery is available in 6-inch and 1-foot pixel resolution and, depending on the city, and meets US National Map Accuracy Standards.

In addition to its custom 3D geospatial products, Sanborn offers CitySets, an off-the-shelf collection of 3D data that incorporates building attributes derived from Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps and field surveys.

Source: Sanborn Map Company