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Sanborn completes consolidation of its divisions

Sanborn CEO Pankaj R. Desai today announced the company has completed the consolidation of its six recently acquired divisions. As of April 25, the divisions will officially operate under the Sanborn name. Additionally, the company unveiled its new look with an updated web site (https://www.sanborn.com/), brochure, and other marketing materials.

An industry leader in GIS and photogrammetric mapping, Sanborn steadily acquired several regional firms over the past two years. They include the Colorado Springs office of Analytical Surveys, Inc.; San Antonio, Texas-based Williams-Stackhouse; Barton Aerial Technologies, based in Columbus, Ohio; Charlotte, North Carolina-based Aero-Dynamics; St. Louis, Missouri-based Walker Associates, and Rochester, New York-based Lockwood Mapping Company. Previously, the companies operated under their own names and had their own promotional materials.