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Sanborn chooses Z-force ZX-1000 File Switch

Z-force, Inc., the inventor of the file switch, announced that Sanborn, a photogrammetric mapping and geographic information system (GIS) industry, has chosen the Z-force ZX-1000 File Switch to increase the capacity of its storage network and implement a scalable, low-cost NAS infrastructure that can grow incrementally to meet the needs of its rapidly growing business. Sanborn is one of several customers who have opted to move to a Z-force-based NAS infrastructure and enjoy very high capacity and performance in an environment that scales incrementally, is easy to manage, and has very low total cost of ownership (TCO). Sanborn provides mapping and GIS services to local, state and federal government agencies, and the private sector. Sanborn has transitioned from workstation and tape-based disparate storage to a consolidated network of file-based storage. The company is completing a program for the state of Wyoming to create digital orthophoto imagery of the entire state. Sanborn captures high resolution images of terrain through aerial photography. The images are then scanned and stored on a centralized file-based storage network, and served to users as needed who annotate the digital imagery. The project utilizes 30 Terabytes (TB) of data that are shared by over 100 users. Sanborn’s storage network employs both proprietary storage systems and low-cost Windows servers to serve the massive amounts of data to its users. When faced with the need to increase its storage environment, Sanborn implement the Z-force ZX-1000 File Switch rather than continue to add expensive proprietary big box point solutions. Sanborn Z-force File Switch aggregate the capacity and performance of six Dell PowerVault network attached storage (NAS) systems into a single, easy to manage and scalable NAS Array. The addition of the file switch has enabled Sanborn to expand its storage capacity by 3 TB with the same high performance access its users have come to expect. In addition, the file switch will enable Sanborn to scale its environment seamlessly in the future simply by adding NAS devices for capacity, or file switches to increase bandwidth.