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Sanborn awarded contract by NOAA for coastal services center

U.S. based Sanborn, a GIS, photogrammetric and remote sensing services company recently announced that the company has been selected by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Coastal Services Center (CSC) to provide professional geospatial services in support of various local and regional coastal products, coastal resource assessments, estuarine and watershed analyses, environmental characterizations and habitat conservation for the coastal management community.

The Sanborn team will provide thematic mapping; airborne and acoustic data acquisition; image processing and analysis; photo interpretation; photogrammetric mapping; software applications and decision support tools development, as well as services that provide geospatial analyses incorporating social, economic, and ecological factors. These services will support the CSC in its development of strategies to address the challenges facing the nation’s coastal resources, including coastal hazards, habitat, use and growth.

NOAA Coastal Services Center primarily serves state coastal resource managers. In its 10 years in existence, the organization has worked with state and other coastal resource managers to address site-specific issues. In developing products and services for the coastal management community, CSC collaborates with its state constituents as well as private industries to address issues such as hazard mitigation, coastal development, habitat restoration, environmental monitoring, water quality, and more.