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SAIC launches GRGlobe application

US: Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) announced the release of the GRGlobe application, a new commercial software solution to create, edit and visualise GIS data natively in a Google Earth environment. GRGlobe enables the visualisation of spatial data by structuring it into organised layers and overlaying the feature data on a Google Earth globe. GRGlobe provides structure to data to enable GIS functionality for use in government, defense, emergency response, law enforcement, energy, environmental, utility, education, land management, forestry and other applications.

Many of the unique GIS workflows have been available for years in the SAIC GeoRover software tools. SAIC has re-factored these tools into GRGlobe to offer the same capability in the popular Google Earth environment, providing users with simple tools to generate timely, accurate and relevant geospatial information. These tools support common coordinate formats, enable users to easily import from coordinates to visualise this information, and create products from layers and attribute data into popular briefing and GIS formats.

“The GRGlobe application brings enhanced techniques for managing and interacting with GIS data to the Google Earth environment,” said John Thomas, SAIC senior vice president and business unit general manager. “We look forward to continuing to make GIS easier for novice users, but also provide a very productive and efficient interface for experienced users to manage, analyse, display and disseminate geospatial information with popular software tools to solve difficult customer problems,” he added.

Source: PR Newswire