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SAIC introduces big data solutions to commercial markets

US: Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) has introduced Critical Insight Solutions, an end-to-end suite of big data optimisation tools and expertise for large organisations looking to bring order and clarity from massive amounts of disparate data in real-time.

With almost a decade of experience managing petabytes of real-time data for the US Government, SAIC can now offer their experience, solutions and expertise to Energy, Health, Financial Services, and Telecommunications organisations. The SAIC Critical Insight big data management and analytics solution set are designed to empower organisations to effectively and efficiently leverage the deluge of big data.

Critical Insight Solutions allows users to quickly test analytic hypotheses independent of data volume, speed and structure. This fast-discovery approach provides unprecedented agility in responding to dynamic environments. Clients can leverage the power of Critical Insight Solutions to help with challenges such as detecting electronic financial fraud, disease diagnosis, medical research, brand protection, geospatial tracking, and energy consumption optimisation.

“The powerful combination of SAIC”s Critical Insight Solutions technologies and expertise has delivered proven performance over the last decade in our work with government agencies. By combining our big data experts with our innovative technologies, SAIC is looking to help industries such as energy, health, financial services and telecommunications stay current on threats, opportunities and trends for informed decision-making and business strategy modernisation,” said John Thomas, SAIC senior vice president and business unit general manager.

Source: SAIC