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Safetipin interactive safety app launched

India: A new security app named ‘safetipin' has been launched in order to ensure safety of the users and their neighbourhood and cities. The app gathers information from the user and helps in strengthening advocacy about women's and community safety. The app is based on global research on safety. It allows users to record, with just a click, whether they feel safe or unsafe in a public space and why. It then provides a map with user-generated data, which shows areas of the city that are unsafe (in red), moderately safe (orange) or safe (green).

Users can also record instances of harassment and security hazards, including broken lights, open sewers or overflowing garbage. These reports can be shared with neighborhood associations, NGOs and public service providers. "Safetipin gives people a way to engage with their neighborhood and communities around important issues. People can interact on safety and infrastructure, comment on posts and pictures,” said Ashish Basu, co-founder of the app. Safetipin is available for free download on Google play store and App store.
Source: Ciol