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Safe Software sponsors Open Data Consortium (ODC) project

Safe Software announces to be a sponsor of the Open Data Consortium (ODC), an initiative adopted by the GeoData Alliance. The ODC’s objective is to formulate a model data distribution policy to be used to guide local
The GeoData Alliance is a nonprofit organization open to all individuals and institutions committed to using geographic information to improve the health of our communities, our economies, and the Earth. The purpose of the GeoData Alliance is to foster trusted and inclusive processes to enable the creation, effective and equitable flow, and beneficial use of geographic information. The purpose of the ODC project is to derive a model policy for distributing governmental geo-spatial data that can serve as a de facto example to guide public agencies. The model policy will be developed in a series of interactive workshops and teleconferences with people from local government, private companies, Federal and state agencies who are willing to pursue a broad consensus of agreement. Safe Software Inc. is the industry leader in Spatial ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) technologies. Safe Software provides both spatial data transformation solutions and professional services. FME Suite is a complete spatial Extract Transform and Load (ETL) tool for desktops and enterprises. Spatial Direct is a multi-format; multi-coordinate system web based spatial data distribution system that integrates with third-party web mapping packages.