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Safe Software commits to European GIS community

Vancouver, Canada, September 12, 2007: Safe Software announced that the latest release of its spatial ETL (extract, transform, and load) platform, FME 2007, offers extensive enhancements focused on the needs of the European geospatial community.

FME 2007 allowed GIS and IT professionals in many European countries to more effectively address the challenges of working with new national standards. National data models and other country-specific formats make up more than 30 of the 190 GIS, CAD, raster and database formats supported by FME. With enhanced support for several of these national schemas and new support for important European coordinate systems, FME 2007 will play an important role in allowing central, regional and local governments and other organizations to more easily manage and exchange geospatial data.

“In FME 2006 GB, and now FME 2007, we have made a concerted effort to expand support for formats and coordinate systems that will allow European users to expedite the integration of new national standards” says Don Murray, President of Safe Software.

“Despite extensive support for European formats and coordinate systems already available within FME 2007, we have many more enhancements underway that will be of interest to European clients,” says Dale Lutz, Vice President of Software Development at Safe Software.

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