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Safe Software announces the release of SpatialDirect 2006 GB

British Columbia, Canada, 6 July 2006: Safe Software Inc., a provider of interoperability solutions for the exchange and transformation of spatial data, announced on July 6 the release of SpatialDirect 2006 GB. With Safe Software’s Feature Manipulation Engine (FME) capability, SpatialDirect delivers spatial data over the Web in many of the over 160 formats supported by the underlying FME servers. SpatialDirect also includes a Web Feature Service (WFS) Server and Internationalization (I18N) support.

SpatialDirect 2006 GB adds numerous important enhancements to SpatialDirect 2006 which was released in February. FME Workbench can now be used to configure SpatialDirect, allowing greater control of complex data transformations, and the new FME 2006 GB Server included in SpatialDirect 2006 GB provides improved raster support.

Formats supported for the first time include GML Simple Feature Level 0 and beta support for ESRI File-based Geodatabase for ArcGIS 9.2 users. Distribution of GE Smallworld data is now supported through the SpatialBiz third-party plug-in available from Spatial Business Systems of Denver, Colorado.