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Safe Software announces immediate availability of FME 2004

Safe Software announced the immediate availability of FME Suite 2004. FME Suite 2004 is the latest version of its Spatial ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) tool that makes it easy to share and transform data between over 100 Geographic Information System (GIS), Computer-Aided Design (CAD), and database systems. This year marks the 10th Anniversary of Safe Software Inc.

New additions to FME 2004 include FME Application Extenders for ESRI ArcGIS 8.3 and Autodesk Envision. FME Application Extenders enable users to directly read FME-supported formats from within their preferred GIS application. FME 2004 also introduces customized formats. Users can author customized formats in FME Workbench by packaging existing input formats with FME transformations and saving them as a new format. The result can then be used in exactly the same way as any of the over 100 input formats that are natively supported within FME.

Format support has been expanded to include Design File Version 8 writing, AutoCAD 2004 reading, ESRI GML reading/writing, IBM DB2 Spatial/Attribute reading/writing, ArcGIS Binary Grid reading, and NIMA Geonet Names Server reading. Newly added transformers include a Tiler, SpatialFilter, and SchemaMapper.