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Safe Software and ICIS sign agreement to streamline sharing of spatial data

Vancouver, Canada, 2 February 2007 – Safe Software and the Integrated Cadastral Information Society (ICIS) have announced a joint agreement that will help streamline the sharing of spatial data among ICIS member organizations in British Columbia, Canada.

Under the terms of the agreement, ICIS members who purchase Safe Software’s FME (Feature Manipulation Engine) technology will receive FME training at no additional cost, a $1000 value per student. FME training simplifies data sharing between ICIS members by enabling members to fully exploit FME’s spatial data translation and transformation technology.

With this ability they can transform their source data into the format and standards required by ICIS. Members will also gain deeper insights into how to use FME for their own data transformation tasks.

Training is limited to courses held at Safe Software’s headquarters in Surrey, BC, Canada and is based on availability. For more information visit www.safe.com. ICIS members can register for training on-line at www.safe.com/training using promo code “ICIS”.

– About FME
Safe Software’s core product, FME, is an integrated collection of Spatial ETL tools that manage the complex data format and schema transformations often required to access and distribute location-based data. FME manages database loading, data extraction from legacy systems, merging multiple data sources, coordinate system conversion, and format to format translation for the exchange of map data. FME consists of four major components: a translation engine (FME Universal Translator), a graphical authoring environment (FME Workbench), a data inspection tool (FME Viewer), and application extenders that directly integrate into a variety of spatial applications. Visit www.safe.com for more information.

– About ICIS
The Integrated Cadastral Information Society (ICIS) is a partnership of British Columbia’s major utilities, provincial government ministries, crown corporations, and local governments. The ICIS vision is to facilitate collaborative sharing and integration of spatial data for the economic and social benefit of British Columbia. For more information visit: www.icisociety.ca