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Safe Software adds support for more XML-based spatial formats

Safe Software Inc., spatial ETL technologies’ firm today announced that its flagship FME spatial data translator product now supports reading several new XML (eXtensible Markup Language)-based formats: Geodatabase XML for ArcGIS 9.0, Landonline (LandXML), GPX, and IUF.

Support for these formats were demonstrated at GITA Annual Conference held recently in Seattle. Free evaluations are available for download from www.safe.com as part of the beta release of FME 2004 ICE.

Geodatabase XML is an open format for ESRI geodatabases that encompasses all geodatabase types and constructs.

Topografix’s GPX (GPS eXchange format) is an XML data format used for the exchange of GPS data between applications and web-mapping services. More information on Topographix is available on www.topografix.com/gpx.asp.

Landonline is based on the LandXML specification and is the Cadastre Survey Data Exchange Format used by Land Information New Zealand. The site www.landonline.govt.nz/whatisit/landxml.htm can be visited to have more information in this regard.

IUF, the Incremental Update Format used by the Victorian government in Australia, is an XML-based format for spatial data that supports incremental updates and allows non-geometrical and geometrical features, point, lines, and areas to be expressed.