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Safe Software adds spatial support for IBM DB2 universal database

Safe Software announced that it has added support for IBM DB2 Universal Database Spatial Extender to its complete product line, including Software’s Feature Manipulation Engine (FME), FME Objects, SpatialDirect, and FME SDP Server. The result is a direct connection between DB2 Universal Database and over 100 FME-supported GIS, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and database formats.

DB2 Universal Database with the DB2 Spatial Extender enables businesses to store, manage, and analyze spatial data (information about geographic features) with traditional business data. Customers can generate, analyze, and exploit spatial information about geographic features, such as the locations of office buildings or the size of flood zones, and integrate that information with any business data to add another element of business intelligence to the enterprise.

FME’s powerful spatial ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) capabilities and support for virtually all well-known spatial data formats can now be applied in a direct connection to DB2 Universal Database without going through the import and export of intermediate files,” said Paul Rivot, Director of Database servers and Business Intelligence at IBM Data Management Solutions. As a result, FME customers can manage spatial data faster and easier with their DB2 Universal Database.”

FME continues to provide more and more direct connections between spatial databases,” said Dale Lutz, VP Product Development, Safe Software. “This development brings the power of FME interoperability to DB2 Spatial Extender users.” FME Suite, FME Objects, FME SDP Server, and SpatialDirect users can now easily import/export between DB2 Universal Database and a multitude of database systems and formats.

FME Suite is an ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tool for spatial data. It consists of three main components: a translation engine, a transformation editor, and a viewer. FME Suite also includes developer tools and coordinate conversion support. A free evaluation of FME is available at www.safe.com