Sacramento Suburban Water improves workflow with Cityworks

Sacramento Suburban Water improves workflow with Cityworks


Sandy, USA, December 05, 2007: Azteca Systems, Inc., provider of GIS-centric management solutions, announced that Sacramento Suburban Water District (SSWD) deployed Cityworks as their asset maintenance management system and are experiencing increased productivity and more efficiently handling customer requests and work order tracking as a result of the software.

Cityworks was first implemented at the District in 2006, assisted by Westin Engineering, Inc. Field access has been provided to SSWD’s service requests and work orders for field crews who access Cityworks electronic maps via wireless network-enabled laptops. In addition, the District has deployed GPS tracking units on field trucks so they can track real-time vehicle locations. They use this information to dispatch crews, thereby decreasing travel time and improving response time. As a result, the District’s customer service processes have significantly improved field operations. Utilizing work order tracking, the District is able to provide real-time, centralized access to all work order information resulting in improved data accuracy, reduced office labour, greater access to maintenance histories, and an elimination of “lost” work orders. Overall, SSWD’s use of Cityworks has resulted in better control and monitoring of work activities throughout the agency.

“We are very excited about the added capabilities that the integration of the Cityworks Asset Maintenance Management program and our District’s GIS system, along with the integration of other District business systems, will provide our staff,” says Ed Formosa, Assistant General Manager of Sacramento Suburban Water District. “The information available to the staff has been greatly increased allowing more efficient customer service in all departments of the District. The direct correlation of information to the asset has improved our ability manage our system and plan for its future.”

“We are pleased with Sacramento Suburban Water District’s positive results,” states Brian Haslam, President of Azteca Systems. “Sacramento is a terrific example of how organizations can improve work efficiency using Cityworks. Our flexible, powerful, and affordable, GIS-centric system helps utilities like SSWD and other customers produce the same results from coast to coast and around the world.”