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Saab to Supply Carl-Gustaf Components to Undisclosed Customer

Carl-Gustaf Sweden: Saab has received a contract to continue the supply of Carl-Gustaf man-portable weapon system components to an undisclosed customer. Under the Skr 127 million (USD 15 million) contract, the company will deliver components for ammunition to the Carl-Gustaf system. It also features an option for additional orders with a combined value of Skr 60million (USD 7 million).

Manufactured by Saab Bofors Dynamics, Carl-Gustaf is an 84mm reusable, shoulder-fired, multirole recoilless rifle, designed to help troops effectively engage enemy rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) and machine gun attacks from ranges of 900m and beyond. Operated by a two-man crew, the weapon also supports gunnery and combat training objectives with sub-calibre trainers and full-calibre practice rounds and simulators. The weapon provides various types of ammunition, ranging from armour penetration and anti-personnel, to ammunition for built-up areas and special features such as smoke and illumination.

Source: Saab