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S Korea reclaims land through antique maps

Seoul, Korea: The Northeast Asian History Foundation, South Korea, released three maps, published between the late 18th century and the early 20th century, which strengthen Korea’s territorial claims over the Dokdo Islands.

One of the maps, printed in 1892, used different colours for Japan and Dokdo, while another one from 1895 did not include the islets within the boundaries of Shimane Prefecture, the closest Japanese region to the rocky outcroppings, according to the foundation.

A map from 1904 painted Dokdo in lavender, the same colour as Korea’s Gangwon Province. The foundation said that this means Tokyo acknowledged the Dokdo islets and Ulleung Island were Korean territory.

The revelation comes just one day after the Japanese government renewed its territorial claim over Dokdo, approving new high school textbooks that state that the islets are Japanese territory. South Korea immediately protested the move by summoning a Japanese diplomat to the foreign ministry and issuing a statement expressing “deep disappointment” at the approval of the textbook, which it said “justifies a distorted historical perspective.”

Source: Yohapnews Ageny