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S Korea launches daily space weather alert services

South Korea: South Korea’s National Radar Research Agency (RRA) launched a new space weather service that is designed to support earth-based activities that can possibly be impacted by space weather. The new space weather system aims to provide up-to-date information about space weather for earth operations and systems.

Solar flares and other space phenomenon can quickly impact communications, electronic systems and GNSS operations on earth. The new services are expected to provide real-time information about space weather and forecasting.

RRA will offer information through the internet homepage of its Korean Space Weather Center (www.spaceweather.go.kr). Users can also receive data by e-mail or mobile phone text messages.
The space centre started a test service three times a week from October 2011. In addition to its daily three-day prediction service, the agency will provide 27-day forecasts every week.

The RRA said it decided to step up its advanced warnings ahead of 2013, when solar activities are expected to rise sharply.

Source: Business Ghana