Rwandan students learn mapping skills with smartphones

Rwandan students learn mapping skills with smartphones


Rwanda: Scientists from the Rochester Institute Technology (RIT) are conducting a two-year community mapping project in Rwanda. Their $473,000 project is funded by the UK Department for International Development in support of the Innovation for Education.

The community-mapping project asks the students to think like scientists. RIT professors Brian Tomaszewski and Anthony Vodacek are implementing high school science curriculum centred on GIS technology. The curriculum will train 225 high school students in the Huye and Gisagara districts in southwestern Rwanda to map the natural resources in their communities using tablet computers and smartphones.

The students will learn to use the GIS technology embedded within the electronic devices to collect and synthesise data from their surroundings. The assignments will teach them the spatial-thinking skills needed to navigate and make their own maps.

Source: Hispanic Business