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Rwanda releases trade atlas

Kigali, Rwanda: The Ministry of Trade and Industry, Rwanda, in partnership with the German Development Cooperation (GDC) launched the first ever Rwandan economic and trade atlas. It contains compilation of information from various sectors in the country based on official data. It also incorporated state-of-the art techniques like GIS for the presentation of findings.

According to Gilbert Rubangisa, the public sector development advisor, the atlas is aimed at representing the economy of the country. “We supported the ministry of trade and industry to have that tool so that everybody can read and understand the picture of the economy of Rwanda especially the international and local investors,” he said.

“Atlas possesses information from all sectors in the country and it will be distributed in government institutions, libraries for people to read and obtain enough information about the economy.”

Apart from the aggregate data at the national level, it allows for a more in-depth analysis locally, since most data is presented at the district level. The book also contains statistical comparison between Rwanda and other regional countries through the use of a regional and Sub-Saharan map.

The Atlas provides visualised economic and trade related information, illustrated in 77 maps and 58 charts covering demographics, regional integration, foreign trade, investment, agriculture, commerce, tourism, energy, transport, communication, financial services among others.

Source: allAfrica.com