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Rwanda minister extols benefits of LIS


The Minister of Lands and Environment, Stanislas Kamanzi ,is keen to use ICT to facilitate land transactions. His ministry intends to introduce Land Administration Information System (LAIS) in all districts.

During the swearing-in ceremony of district land officers at the ministry’s headquarters in Kimihurura, Kamanzi said, “”LAIS will help in legal land documents exchange whether buying, donating or inheriting any piece of land,” Kamanzi explained.

He said the Ministry also intends to support projects to draw up a proper District land master plan. He added that it is necessary that all district land officers are trained in GIS and how a land use master plan can be developed.

It is estimated that 8 million plots of land are yet to be demarcated. 4 million have already been recorded. Legal documentation of all land plots is scheduled to end in December 2013, according to the minister.

Source: allafrica.com