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Rwanda installing computerised mining cadastre system

Rwanda: Information technology company Spatial Dimension has begun work on an 18-month project to implement its computerised mining cadastre system, FlexiCadastre, for the Rwandan Geology and Mines Department, which is the mining sector regulatory body within the Ministry of Natural Resources.

A well-implemented mining cadastre system creates significant benefits for all stakeholders in the region, says Spatial Dimension MD Bill Feast.

“Currently, Rwanda has a paper-based sys-tem that is enhanced by disparate systems and spreadsheets which, under the circumstances, function relatively well.

“However, Rwanda has recognised that its manual system can neither scale nor provide the security, auditability or transparency of a computerised system, which is why it has chosen to implement our FlexiCadastre solution,” Feast explains.

In addition to attracting investment, a mining cadastre system enables government to monitor compliance within the sector.

“This goes beyond ensuring that the necessary licence fees are paid and extends to work commitments, social and labour plans, environmental permitting, royalty and tax payments and extractive industry transparency-initiative reporting,” he says.

For local businesses in Rwanda, particularly the artisanal mining sector, a mining cadastre system, such as FlexiCadastre, provides security of tenure that allows them to seek capital funding to develop their projects, Feast adds.

Meanwhile, a transparent mining cadastre system, together with a stable regulatory environment, is often as important for large international mining companies as the actual geology or mineral potential of that country.

“Globally, in the last year, we saw several of the large players being burnt after the validity of their joint venture partner’s licences were challenged. “When hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake, a transparent and fully auditable mining cadastre system is essential,” Feast stresses.

This project forms part of Rwanda’s four-year Strategic Capacity Building Initiative (SCBI), which is focused on combining the delivery of government priorities with capacity building.

Source: Mining Weekly