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Rwanda identifies most sought after datasets

Rwanda: Administrative boundaries data, accounting for 25 percent of all spatial datasets used, topographic maps (15 percent) and orthophotos (14 percent) are the three most sought  after fundamental datasets, according to a spatial data sharing survey conducted by the Centre for Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing of the National University of Rwanda.

The objectives of the survey were to assess the preparedness of organisations to share spatial data in Rwanda. Organisations dealing with spatial data production, management and use were targeted. It assessed the sharing culture and identified the needs and gaps in existing data sharing capability. The result summary is available at https://www.un-spider.org/sites/default/files/Surveyreport_spatial%20data%20sharing%20in%20Rwanda.pdf

Free access to spatial data in Rwanda is the most supported option among organisations using geospatial technology (60 percent). The major barrier to spatial data sharing identified is the lack of a national spatial data policy especially, the need for a spatial data sharing policy in organisations.

The survey was funded by the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Association (GSDI) small grant award (2009/2010) and the Rwanda Development Gateway Group grant at the CGIS-NUR.