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Rwanda gets GIS equipment for National Census

Kigali, Rwanda: United Nation Population Fund (UNFPA) handed over GIS equipment to National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR). The equipment will be used in data gathering during the forthcoming National Census. It is worth approximately RWF 137.6 million (RWF: Rwandan Currency).

Victoria Akyeampong, UNFPA representative, said the equipment would assist the government in gathering data about the dynamics and trends of the Rwandan population for a continued sound policy management to meet the current and future needs.

“Properly collected census data with minimal errors is an invaluable resource for any nation because reliable data makes a difference,” she said.

Akyeampong added that the equipment was of the latest technology, quoting that GPS will be used to update the existing maps including updating the administrative units starting right from the village level.

Source: allAfrica.com