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Rwanda digitises over three million plots of land

Rwanda: In a bid to promote apt management of land records across Rwanda, the Rwanda Natural Resources Authority (RNRA) digitised over 3.3 million plots of land, announced Didier Sagashya, Deputy Director General in charge of Lands and Mapping at RNRA.

“The promotion of GIS will enable Rwanda to get the optimal information concerning infrastructure and business planning and this will best position the country to deal with land management issues,” Sagashya said. He added that RNRA has also completed digitising land in the three districts within Kigali City and in Kirehe District, saying that the process is on going in other parts of the country.

In addition, he announced that RNRA will carry out training programmes across the country, to ensure that people clearly understand the importance of GIS in national development.

On the other hand in India, digitisation of land records largely remained confined to making available scanned copies of title deeds online. Without fresh surveys of properties, digitisation fails to reflect errors and disputes over property titles. At a time when land acquisition has become a political hot potato and land disputes continue to clog courts, fresh surveys are a prerequisite for proper digitisation and comprehensive land reforms. To know about the latest status of land record digitisation process in India, click here.

Source: allafrica.com