Russia’s mapping service receives overhaul

Russia’s mapping service receives overhaul


Russia: Yandex”s mapping service Yandex.Maps has seen a major revamp. Russia”s most popular mapping service now runs on a unified platform, which allows the company to support and update unlimited amounts of data without relying on external sources. In addition, Yandex.Maps now features detailed maps supporting the route planning feature for the majority of large cities in the world. The new Yandex.Maps is available both on desktop and mobile.

The updated Yandex.Maps covers the majority of countries in the world. The maps of the European and North American countries have the highest level of detail down to the major streets and buildings and the detailed intercity road network.

The Yandex.Maps users in Russia can now see names of cities and popular tourist destinations around the world translated into Russian. Over seven million place names in 237 countries have been automatically translated from dozens of languages and verified by professional translators.

Source: Market Watch