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‘Russia’s ailing space industry to double output by 2020’

Russia: An ongoing reform of Russia’s ailing space industry should double its output by 2020, according to a new state programme. The increase should give Russia a 16 per cent share in the space technology market by 2020, up from the current 10.7 per cent, said the programme, available on the website of Russia’s Federal Space Agency.

Goals outlined in the programme also include creation of the new Angara launch vehicle, development of the Vostochny space port in the Russian Far East and improvements to the Glonass satellite navigation system.

Space industry development is named the top priority in the document, followed by scientific research. Manned spaceflight has only the third-highest priority, though the programme says that it would change after 2020, when the International Space Station is expected to end its mission.

The programme reiterates a plan voiced late last year to unite dozens of Russian space industry enterprises into five to seven major holdings and to attract private investors.

The programme’s price tag is put at RUB 2.1 trillion (USD 69 billion), including private investment, which is virtually nonexistent at the present.

Russia’s space programme saw a slew of setbacks in recent years, most of them blamed on faulty hardware.

Source: Space Fellowship