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Russian oil refinery implements GIS to enhance safety

Russia: The Saratov Oil Refinery, a TNK-BP subsidiary, implemented a GIS monitoring system with a view to enhance the company’s industrial safety, TNK-BP reported in a news release. The GIS will materially enhance response efficiency of the Saratov Refinery specialists who have got online access to the two-dimensional computer plan of the refinery facilities. Information on any technical incident is immediately reflected in the computer network, which allows for maximum promptness of optimal decision-making for the incident elimination.

Vitaly Zuber, Director of TNK-BP refining department said, “Through GIS implementation, our specialists have got an interactive map of the refinery, including detailed images of all utilities, facilities and land configuration, which significantly accelerates the process of comprehensive data receipt and management decision-making. The next step will be the system conversion to a 3D mode.”

Source: Oil & Gas Eurasia