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Russian-made Belka Belarussian satellite for 2005 launch

The Belarussian remote Earth sensing spacecraft Belka made by the Russian rocket and space corporation Energia will be launched in 2005, Energia President and chief designer Yuri Semenov said.

“The construction of this spacecraft is based on the Victoria universal space platform designed at our enterprises,” he said. According to Mr. Semenov, this unique space platform was used to place into orbit Yamal-100 and Yamal-200 telecommunication satellites launched in 1999 and 2003 correspondingly. These satellites were designed at the Energia corporation by the order of Gazkom, Gazprom’s subsidiary.

Spacecraft of light (up to 750 kg), medium (up to 1,600 kg), heavy (up to 3,000 kg) and super-heavy (up to 4,200 kg) classes can be created on the basis of the Victoria platform. They can work in all types of orbits, low-altitude, highly elliptical and geostationary.