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Russian forestry agency to set up GIS

Russia: JSFC Sistema, a diversified public financial corporation in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), signed a cooperation agreement with the Federal Forestry Agency for the implementation of GIS technologies, designed by Sistema’s subsidiaries, for the protection, conservation and reforestation, as well as the coordinated utilisation of forest resources. The cooperation agreement, which is not legally binding, defines the general intentions of both parties and the principles for cooperation.
Mikhail Shamolin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sistema, commented: “The effects of devastating wildfires last year proved that it is necessary to upgrade forestry management and monitoring systems with modern technology. Sistema has a strong track record and broad technological expertise and we are keen to share it with the Federal Forestry Agency.”
Victor Maslyakov, Head of Federal Forestry Agency, added: “The Government has set important tasks for the Forestry Agency for protection, conservation and reforestation. In order to achieve these objectives, we need to make significant technological breakthroughs using modern technologies and innovations. We are delighted at the prospects of our future collaboration with a high-tech company such as Sistema. The introduction of advanced information technologies in the forestry sector is the key to effective forest management.”
Source: JSFC Sistema