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Russian civil engineering firm selects UltraCamLp

Graz, Austria: NIPIStroyTEK, a civil engineering firm based in Moscow, purchased a Microsoft UltraCamLp digital aerial photogrammetric camera system. The transaction was handled by Pergam, a diversified trading company with offices in Russia, Switzerland and the United States.
“After a thorough review of our options, NIPIStroyTEK decided that our first digital camera should be the UltraCamLp,” said S. Korsey, General Director, NIPIStroyTEK. “The positive experiences our employees have had working with UltraCam cameras in the past, along with Microsoft’s excellent reputation for customer support, heavily influenced our selection.”
NIPIStroyTEK will be using the UltraCamLp system for infrastructure projects in the oil, gas and transport industries.
Source: Microsoft